Sunday, November 1, 2009

Strange things I have noticed...

I was watching the packers & vikings, I know Nedra would be proud and I had been quietly cheering on Bret Farve! During half time I was running up and down the channels and stopped at Kristi Yamaguchi and friends. I stopped not because I want to watch to skating. Although I do admit to enjoying the athleticism of the flip & twists at the Olympics, but I find the rest absolutely painful to watch. Especially at an exposition the "music" was killing me! I kept watching only because I hoped that they would have a "fan cam" and I could steal a look at who would buy tickets to that kind of event. Was it made up of 12-15 year old girls and their mom's or who pays for this? I just wanted to know. As a turned back to the packers & vikings I thought of other weird things.

My trip to HEB yesterday. While walking between the fresh veggies and the rest of the store I caught a glimps of a rather large middle aged woman, sitting on the floor of HEB testing out finger nail polish colors. I kept on walking as a saw this out of the corner of my eye. 10 steps later I just had to turn around and check if I really saw it. I went back and looked. And I was right, there she was siting on the floor applying different colors to her nails. I don't purchase make-up and have only used nail polish as a power color when racing triathlon, but I did not think you could "test" the colors. As I stood there I really, really wanted to pull out my phone and take a photo. This is HEB on Oltorf and you do see a little bit of everything. It was classic!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super bowl = Super Sleep

WOW! What a great, tough weekend. I am laying around my house enjoying the football madness and recovering from the last 4 days. The opening party was amazing! THANKS to everyone who came and offered the well wishes. There were people I had not seen in years and it was wonderful to talk, catch up and plan to meet soon.

It was equally as great to see those people I consider my athletes. I love seeing Bruce, Kristen, Charles, Ian, Javier, Lex, Julie, Chris, Chris, Wiley, Nedra, Trey, Katie, Jon and other great friends that have been made in Rogue; Carrie, Paul, Marty, Kathy & Fam, Dave, Nelan, David Grice.
Our Coaches Liz, Lorrie,Panther, Bobby, Silke, Cindy, Cindy, Paul, Karen, Amy, Scott C. So many it is hard to remember.

Have to love Steve's Mom, Sister Joy, & Sean who were are caters and set up & managed the party so we could talk.

I am so excited about this opportunity for Rogue Running to grow with the help of Rogue Equipment.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Life going good

First of all thanks to some wonderful friends who saw my post and sent me a great note. I did not think that anyone actually read any of this. Pity Party was over by the morning & I am feeling good.

On another note. I am getting so psyched to start to train again. I see the light at the end of the Marathon, though I am coaching almost 2 times as much I think that I will have Sunday's for long runs and Wednesday for Medium Long runs. I need a goal.

First commit to the training:
working toward -
Monday - 30 minutes
Tuesday - 60 minutes
Wednesday - 10 miles
Thursday - 30 minutes
Friday - 60 minutes
Saturday - off
Sunday - 10 to 14 miles

I might need to build up some but that's the goal to be there by the end of FEB. If I can do that mostly I will begin to race again...I want to!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Late night can not sleep

It early or late depending on the perspective. I can not sleep and yes there is really lots of work to be done but I am really lacking the motivation since my lack of sleepiness is mostly caused by too much work to be done. It's hard to concentrate when overwhelmed but a task list that never seems to end. I guess this is the american way. I am okay with this, 'cause I find it very hard to sit still most of the time. That's why running seems to fit so well into my life. It's harder to find time to fit it in but I still feel the same joy after each run that I felt after the first.

It's also hard to sleep and feel sorry for your self. Self pity is not helpful but sometimes when stress is high & time is limited pity is a little more easy to come by. I allow the joke about "Ruth speak" to go on, as I easily allow parts of my self be ripped away, it settles into my soul and I pretend that ignoring the pain that it causes is unreal. For someone who is finds it hard to admit to herself that her job would be much easier, really almost doable if she were not given this brain. But I set myself up for the exposure weekly, daily especially as life revolves so completely at a computer. I pity my inability to see the flip flopped letters & words on a page. It reads so well in my head, and it sounds so awful to everyone else. And it hurts when you are reminded of how much you really suck: "I am sorry to say this but I know I am not the only one who has thought this all through the program...PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPELLING AND TYPOS! "

As Amy says you have 24 hours of pity allowed. I will give myself till morning and march back to the computer pulling the armor back into place and taking a stab at the next days work. Promising myself to get ahead of the pile and beg someone to read over my email, my newsletters, my essays, my work. It's what I do. I can not believe I ended up do the one thing I really, really don't do well. Kind of strange to think back to all the people who have said that my brain was screwed up and not to attempt the most menial of tasks. I should be proud of the accomplishments, but it still hurts. What do you say back to comments. It is hard to know what to say because there is no excuse for bad work, poor spelling, typos. I am not saying I am stupid. As a matter of fact I know that my IQ is actually higher than most. But that is not helpful. It's as help as my V02 being higher than most, that's not true. It's the perception of stupidity, or of just not caring enough to check. What to do, I don't know. But my energy is low, and it just feels bad to know you suck at something and that you are told weekly you suck. Maybe not in those words but it comes across that way.

Friday, August 3, 2007

One Week of training

Training has begun though small amout has happened this week. I am training the mind this week. Preparing the kick Steve's butt. 30 minute runs have been the best I can do so far but hopefully I can get back to the work I did last week.